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cooler modern art.

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the Essential Cool  

from my studio
to your home.

Innovation through the design of art.
bold & better.

All the art is created by one talented self-thought exceptional artist.  From large scale canvases expressions to rare, hand signed limited editions of modern art to designer pieces carrying his signature style.  

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our interior designers' tools

Make the difference.

Our new Tel-Aviv Showroom
celebrates the cool side of Weilers' outstanding creative diversity.

” It had to be the place I always dreamed to be at but didn’t know existed”.  Limited edition prints, design over lights, originals of Ink on paper, Canvas and more.  

visit us at S'derot Chen 54. Tel Aviv

rare & hand signed

limited one25


There is no right or wrong, there is what you choose as accurate for you. Choose with love and listening to yourself and the space around you.

These are great sets we like, you can and should choose according to your passions & style.

one of a kind


Everything we do counts. in our lives, projects & Art

responsibility & sustainable products

The way I see it is very simple – obligated. When you create anything on this plant it has to be done with the understanding and respect to where and how it is done. 

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