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unlock art with premium fine art prints just added to our fine art collection



I'm passionate about producing artistic creations that are remarkable, cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and stunning.

  from large scale canvase expressions to rare, hand signed limited editions of modern art to designer pieces carrying Weilers’ signature style. 

collective Aluminum' Art squares byWeiler.

bold beautiful colors, smart creative artwork

& totally recyclable.

which to choose?

up to you, have fun

bold & better.

we strive to redefine art, to offer you more sophisticated options for creative expression.

like beautiful art printed over FSC approved 10/20 mm wood plates



fine art wood prints

the natural cool

my signature

unlocking new realities: Weilers' touch of cool design

what if you could take your designs one step further? what if you could create a space that not only looks amazing, but also feels like a completely different place?

we do, cause we pay great attention to what you wish for in your life



always pushing forward to finer, cooler art pieces

art is the centre

fulfillment of one's inner spirit is a privilege we handle with care

love what you do

we eat, sleep & create in that state of mind

the planet, the people, the phone - all 'cooled-up' with our biodegradable case

the journey begins with you

sui ya may:water mountain

there is an energy field motioning our desires and dreams. we all care for something bigger than ourselves; our communications are trades of our nature. biodegradable cases are of symbols of those personal trades & style.


'run dmc and the colgate kid'

original on Canvas / Industrial paints /acrylic

"there are no limits", weiler

they are the first images in my mind, from them the journey begins with the flow of innovation, open dialogue with material and textures till they’re signed. 


earth matters.
we matter.

it's a basic way of looking at our future as a community.
Care & rethinking what we use and how we use it.  these recycled (used empty cans), each hand painted with a love note, yep – a love note, ideal for telling someone close how you feel (or get one for yourself - u'r sooo worth it!).

currently available only in our Tel – Aviv shop



fine art print

originally created back in 1991, these colorful masterpieces are absolutely fab. available framed or as a fine art print.


museum-quality fine art print made on thick and long-lasting matte (uncoated) paper.  Paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb.  Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the poster.


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Time is expensive, and taking care of your time is important to us. On every order.

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We provide on every order, from the go monument till you receive your item

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Making sure transactions are safe is DNA routine with us.

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