Transform Your Space with Yagil Weiler

Challenging the norm with every piece.

Artistic Expressions

Pieces that turn your home into a canvas of creativity.

Vintage Vibes

Timeless charm and character.

The image shows a modern dining area adorned with a collection of artistic prints on the wall. The prints, each labeled "WEILER" followed by different years, feature various abstract and graphic designs. On the leftmost side, there's a print with a minimalist design and the words "FRAGILE" and "ON" in a stamp-like format. The top row of prints includes one with a black-and-white turntable, another with colorful vertical stripes, and a third with an abstract blue and green pattern. The bottom row features a blue and white car design and a red-toned print with intricate linework. The dining area itself has a minimalist aesthetic with a rectangular stone table and light wooden chairs with black metal legs, set on a polished concrete floor. A potted plant on the right adds a touch of greenery to the clean, modern space.


Embrace the beauty of the natural world.

'clients become friends
friends become family'
Alex ThompsonBrooklyn, NY
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"The detail is incredible and it adds a chic vibe to my apartment. Perfect for art lovers!"
Eva GarciaBarcelona, Spain
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"Beautifully crafted".
Jessica LeeTribeca, NY
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"My Weiler Fictional Vinyl Cover Giclée Fine Art Print arrived damaged, but the customer service was stellar and swiftly sent a replacement. The artwork is stunning and perfectly complements my loft. Highly recommend!"
Donna MüllerBerlin, Germany
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"Absolutely stunning!"
Luca RossiMilan, Italy
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"Delivery took a bit longer, but the stunning artwork was worth the wait. Highly recommend!"
Sarah MitchellAustin, TX
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"The craftsmanship and detail are top-notch. It’s a fantastic addition to my art collection!"
Amélie DuboisParis, France
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"The Bauhaus Weiler Collection is a masterpiece of design and style, perfectly blending modernity and elegance."

Collectores' Edition


a stunning fictional movie edition print by Yagil Weiler

Sustainable, organic Fashion

weiler X cottonsmarts

Collaborative Innovation: Weiler and Cottonsmarts Organic Unveil the All eco-conscious Collection


Yagil Weiler for MEATBAR Apartments

Weiler Interior Design has crafted not just a home but a landmark of urban design, setting a new benchmark for luxury living in Tel Aviv.


Weiler Funk

Discover Vintage limited Editions 

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Yagil Weiler

S’derot Chen 54. Tel Aviv

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