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When I set out to open our art brand, I wanted to create something that was unlike anything else. “A place made up of unique pieces that had their own unique ideas, colors, and dialogue. A place filled with creativity and passion for detail. When the two come together, it creates something truly wonderful that blows me away every time”.

“Weiler’s self-taught art is inspired by classical literature, cinema, and music. His unique style combines elements of color, shape, matter and ideas to create extraordinary works of beauty. With an ever-growing knowledge and technique, Weiler’s art takes on a life of its own as each work blurs the lines between material and thought in “out of the box” connections. Captivating viewers with his artwork’s depth, Weiler continues to challenge conventions in how we view art”.



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We're right in front of city hall on the corner of Sderot Chen 54 & Malachi Israel

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