Weiler's Limited Edition prints of Tel-Aviv are a love letter to the Bauhaus movement. Each piece mirrors Bauhaus's form-meets-function philosophy.

The Tel-Aviv’s White City Love Affair

Known as the “White City,” Tel-Aviv beams with a unique architectural charm, a testament to the Bauhaus style that flourished in the early 20th century. This distinctive aesthetics, coupled with the city’s vibrancy, gives Tel-Aviv a distinct character that mesmerizes art and architecture enthusiasts worldwide.

Walter Gropius – The Pioneer of Bauhaus

Walter Gropius, the legendary figure who pioneered the Bauhaus movement, had a clear vision: marry form and function. This philosophy allowed for an architectural revolution, introducing simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics to create masterpieces that stood the test of time. From Berlin to Tel-Aviv, his influence is apparent in the skyline of major cities.

Respect to the Form

Weiler’s Limited Edition prints of Tel-Aviv are a love letter to the Bauhaus movement. Each piece mirrors Bauhaus’s form-meets-function philosophy. Through his artwork, Weiler pays homage to this timeless style. His collection stands as a testament to Bauhaus’s enduring influence in the world of art.

The Tel-Aviv Weiler Collection of Limited Edition Prints

A notable dedication to the Bauhaus style is the Tel-Aviv Weiler collection of Limited Edition prints. This remarkable assortment features iconic representations of Bauhaus principles, enabling a wider audience to appreciate this minimalist yet profound architectural philosophy. Each print is a testament to the enduring legacy of Walter Gropius and his Bauhaus movement.

Art in Modern Days

Today, the influence of Bauhaus extends beyond architecture into various art forms. Its ideals resonate with contemporary artists who value minimalism and functionality. From visual arts to digital design, the Bauhaus ethos remains vibrant, inspiring modern creations worldwide.

The Bauhaus Footprint: Tel-Aviv to Berlin

Bauhaus’ legacy extends to numerous cities globally. Tel-Aviv, with its White City status, is an enduring monument to this design style, boasting the largest number of Bauhaus-style buildings in the world. Similarly, Berlin showcases Gropius’s influence with his iconic Bauhaus School design.

The Future of Bauhaus

Looking ahead, the principles of Bauhaus—form meeting function—are more relevant than ever in an increasingly digital world. The emphasis on functionality, simplicity, and beauty offers endless possibilities for future designs. Cities like Tel-Aviv and Berlin continue to uphold this legacy, fostering an appreciation for Bauhaus’s timeless elegance.

Bauhaus – The Love It Commands

In conclusion, the allure of Bauhaus, from Walter Gropius’s initial philosophy to Weiler art and beyond, lies in its timeless relevance and universal appeal. This architectural style revolutionized design and continues to influence modern art, standing as a beacon of innovation and aesthetic excellence. The Tel-Aviv Weiler collection of Limited Edition prints and the White City itself stand as perfect examples, justifying our collective love for Bauhaus.

Choosing frameless paper editions doesn’t signify a compromise on art quality. In fact, high-quality prints shine when unfettered by frames. The colors, textures, and intricate details of the art remain undiluted, faithfully conveying the artist's original intent.

MB BURGERS | New Joint


Weiler and premium burger brand MB brings a new joint to the heart of Tel Aviv, elevating it to a status of coolness and awesomeness

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