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We complete your dreams with all the right aRT

with our design tools

Commercial window design

Having a wonderful product is great, now you need to show it to the world in the best way possible. The window of your shop is the way to let people now about it. We create showcase window displays that speak shop

custom creative art

Great interior design is a work of art on its own, combining with it a work of ark will make it unforgettable. Need something to match your style and interior space, we can make that happen

Art installations design

When working for commercial clients with todays' competitive markets having an art work installation that speaks design with a spark of chick & splendor is a must

Original art pieces for photoshoots

You've done the design and everything has fallen into place now you want to photoshoot it. Adding an original art work to the space will embrace the quality and high value of your design

Art lease*

Sometimes you're not sure you wish to buy the art yet you really want to have something more then a fine art print sharing your space, try our lease options to enjoy original art works by Weiler

for each project has its own verifications & needs finding
the right art is a task of great difficulty at times.
No worries - we've got you covered.

Jaffa loft

 Leased Original art pieces for Photoshoot session  

MeatBar apartment

bring your dreams and

let's take a look

if you’re working on something cool & exciting and you think it can use some art  


window display design

vision in motion

Main Art installation design 

Sarona Totems

Concept design + Creative art 


Concept design + Creative art 

mb burger

Concept design + Creative art 


Concept design + Creative art 


Concept design + Creative art 

what do'ya need?

dreams do come true so don’t settle for anything less

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