Inside Weiler Tel Aviv’s Meatbar Apartment: A Manifesto of Urban Chic

Designed by Weiler as a funky, ultra-cool downtown apartment, the Meatbar Apartment is a testament to creative integrity and vision, executed without the need for structural changes—save for an old tub that “had to go.” In this space, Weiler’s artistic attitude permeates every corner, with each room displaying a unique interpretation of his distinctive, funky, and outstanding design. Approaching the interiors as he would a blank canvas, Weiler has infused the apartment with complete grace and vision, making it not just a place to live, but a living experience.

Weiler’s touch in interior design is unparalleled. He brings a unique style and unmistakable chic to each project, stamping it with his signature. “I create spaces where my unique clients live in my art. It’s not about fancy marble open kitchens or state-of-the-art faucets in your bathroom, my clients can add those to the living art pieces I create in the process, yet the vision is—each and every space is different with a common statement—passion,” Weiler explains. He believes every space has an energy that needs to be respected and enhanced, a philosophy that deeply influences his work.

Beyond its striking interiors, the Meatbar Apartment mirrors the spirit of Tel Aviv—a city celebrated for its diversity, creativity, and innovation. Weiler Interior Design has transformed the space into more than just a home; it’s an urban design landmark that sets new standards for luxury living in the city. The apartment embodies the essence of cool Tel Aviv living, where design and function merge, where urban chic blends seamlessly with sophistication, and where every corner narrates a story of elegance and zest.

The Meatbar Apartment stands as a powerful testament to Weiler’s visionary approach and steadfast dedication to excellence. Those fortunate enough to dwell within its walls are treated to a daily journey of style, comfort, and urban chic, offering a true retreat that captures the vibrant essence of life in Tel Aviv.

As the city continues to evolve, the Meatbar Apartment serves as a beacon of innovation and style, reflecting Tel Aviv’s ever-changing and inspiring landscape. In this city of contrasts and confluences, the apartment acts as a microcosm of what makes Tel Aviv uniquely captivating. It’s more than just a place to live—it’s a way of life, designed to inspire and engage its inhabitants with every detail.

Weiler Original Pieces In MEATBAR Apartment Gallery

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