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” Like many of our best collaborations, we got to know Yagil almost by chance. We received a recommendation about him right here, on this blog, when we met Sharon, the manager of Shop Ramat Aviv, in the “Meet the Team” section. We asked Sharon for a recommendation on an artist worth knowing, and we were genuinely delighted when she introduced Weiler. A quick glance at his Instagram page made it clear – something in his language resonated and aligned with the visual language of Shoofra. We reached out with the intention of another collaboration (yet to be revealed, maybe soon), but along the way, when we met at his gallery, we realized there was excellent potential for our store window in Dizengoff “.

 “Our new display window at Dizengoff 108 has the power to make dreams come true”.

Our new display window at Dizengoff 108 has the power to make dreams come true. Really. For you, it can fulfill the dream of shoes you’ve longed for with an end-of-season discount. For us, it realized a rather fresh dream: collaborating with the artist Yagil Weiler, aka byWeiler, who was responsible for the window’s concept, design, and installation.

Getting to Know the Artist

Weiler is a self-taught artist, multidisciplinary with a broad and rich view of the world. He creates in various styles and materials. Among his many endeavors, he designs spaces, packaging, graffiti, and more, combining a touching blend of color, material, and language. On typical days, you can find him between his studio and the new art store on Chen Boulevard 54 (next to Meatbar) in Tel Aviv. There, rotating exhibitions from his various creative languages are displayed. The store serves as a meeting point between the creator and the wider audience, and it is possible to purchase from his works in various formats.

In Weilers’ words: “The ‘Dreams come true’ window represents freedom of expression and the language in which I convey a simple and precise message that deals with us, our freedom to dream and realize ourselves. Taking a step forward in new ways (of course, in comfortable and amazing shoes) while rediscovering ourselves. The choice to use black and white as contour lines made the window touching and unique, with the addition of color expressed in the shoes. The colorfulness is personal; each one of us fills in their colors as they see fit. We are all colorful and unique.”

From there, a bit more ping-pong: yes or no to a bed? Coffee on the window? Or will we ultimately settle just for the artist’s signature on the display? For instance, that decision was made at the very last moment. Flexibility and flow are part of the deal when setting up a window display – when a concept turns into reality, sometimes things change on the ground, and one needs to know how to accept and love them.

Our connection with Weiler was ultimately based on the person he is, before being an artist. This comfort, respect, enthusiasm that isn’t dependent on anything, and the good energy, are characteristics of the kind of people you simply want to work with and create together. And it’s evident in his works too – they are unique, original, and very creative, but also accessible and create an eye-level conversation with their viewer. It might sound straightforward, but it’s actually not easy to achieve. It’s something we believe happens with us, at Shoofra , and with the shoes we bring.

Translated from Shoofra\ Blog  

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