Discover why buying frames from local stores outperforms online purchases in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and safety. Support your community, reduce risks, and ensure the perfect frame for your art.
“Speaking from personal experience, nothing compares to a high-quality frame.
I have always been disappointed by frames offered by online art sites that only resemble wood or glass but don’t deliver the same feel or quality.
Settling for a ‘like-good’ product simply doesn’t cut it for me. I would never gift such an item to my friends. It’s about the genuine quality, and there’s no room for compromise when it comes to enhancing the beauty of artwork”.


The Art of Framing


A Closer Look at the Benefits of In-person Selection and the Risks of Online Frame Shipping

Selecting the perfect frame is crucial to enhancing your art. Here’s why we vouch for local, in-person frame shopping.

Quality Matters

Online images can’t fully represent a frame’s quality. In a local store, you can inspect and appreciate each detail.

Feel the Real Deal

Touching a frame reveals its quality. It’s a sensory experience that online shopping can’t deliver.

The Weight Issue

Frames are heavy, leading to high shipping costs. Buying locally eliminates this unnecessary expense.

Shipping Charges – A Hidden Cost

Online prices may seem attractive, but adding shipping can inflate the cost significantly. Beware of this hidden expense.

Size and Weight Problems

Shipping large, heavy items is a logistical challenge. It’s a hassle that buying locally easily avoids.

Risk of Damage

Shipping frames, especially those with glass, invites damage risks. Broken glass could ruin your precious artwork.

Replacement Hassles

A damaged frame means going through replacement procedures. It’s a time-consuming process that’s best avoided.

Local Expertise

Local frame stores offer personalized advice, tailoring to your art’s needs. This is a service online retailers often can’t match.

Custom Advice

Local experts consider factors like art size, style, and display location. This specialized advice guarantees the best frame.

The Personal Touch

Interacting with a knowledgeable salesperson enhances your shopping experience. Their personal touch can’t be replicated online.

Support Local Businesses

By choosing local stores, you support small businesses. Your purchase can help your community flourish.

Invest in Your Community

Local businesses are vital for a community’s growth. When you buy locally, you’re investing in your community’s future.

Unique Products

Local stores often offer unique products, not found online. These exclusive frames can make your artwork stand out.

 So shop smart.


Choosing frameless paper editions doesn’t signify a compromise on art quality. In fact, high-quality prints shine when unfettered by frames. The colors, textures, and intricate details of the art remain undiluted, faithfully conveying the artist's original intent.

MB BURGERS | New Joint


Weiler and premium burger brand MB brings a new joint to the heart of Tel Aviv, elevating it to a status of coolness and awesomeness

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